UAV Research

Maavan Unmanned Systems is a conglomeration of young and dynamic professionals aimed at fostering R&D in Unmanned systems and other multi-disciplinary technical trainings in aeronautical and automation to transform students into adept techno-pro. Our core foci being UAV flight dynamics, Aerial imagery and maritime surveillance. Our dream is to emerge as one of the finest team in UAV technologies, contributing to cater the needs of booming UAV industry.

UAV flight dynamics, aerial imagery and maritime surveillance We are concentrating on design, fabrication and analysis of light UAV (Fixed wing) for various surveillance applications and also on autonomous flight control, design implementation of navigation system and practical trials.

Autonomous micro-UAV systems have been identified worldwide by both government and industrial organizations as a critical future aerospace technology due to the vast number of potential application areas. These areas include tactical surveillance in the context of military or homeland security operations to locating survivors following major disasters to more common roles in surveying, pipeline inspection and crop monitoring.